Tariff and Refund Policy

This Tariff and Refund Policy is an integral part of the SIA “LeadProm Media” Public Offering (Agreement) and shall stipulate and determine all prices (costs), terms of Operator’s Services, and refund policies under the Agreement between the Operator and the User.

1. The Services provided by the Operator shall be divided into the following Periods of Service Provision (Periods):

1.1. Standard period - shall mean a period of 15 (fifteen) calendar days that commence in the following order:

1.1.1. In case the User has used the Trial Period the Standard Period shall commence the next day after the Trial Period and from the payment for the Services by the User and end on the 14 (fourteenth) day.

1.1.2. In case the User hasn’t used the Trial Period the Standard Period shall commence on the day of payment for the Services.

1.2. Trial period - shall mean a period of 7 days that commence from the payment of Services by the User and end on the 7 (seventh) day. The Operator shall charge the fee for the Standard period the next day after the end of the Trial period.

1.3. The User has the right to terminate his/her Trial period during the Trial period in order to avoid the beginning of the Standard period.

1.4. The Operator’s Services shall be provided on a subscription basis commencing on the first day of the Trial period or the first day of the Standard period.

1.5. The subscription shall commence on the first day of the Trial period or the first day of the Standard period and shall last a maximum of 3 (three) calendar months (or 4 (four) Periods of Service Provision) since the commencement of the Standard Period. After the end of the subscription the Agreement shall be deemed terminated.

1.6. The User may terminate the subscription (terminate the Agreement) at any time. Such termination shall lead to the loss of all access to the Operator’s Website and Operator’s without any refund to the User. To terminate the subscription the User shall enter the "My Data" section (https://creditron.org/en/home) , select "Billing section" and click "Unsubscribe". After carrying out these steps, the personal data will be deleted and the bank card will be unbound from the account.

1.7. Each User shall have only one Trial period, which commences as stipulated in article 1.2. hereof. In case the User terminates the Trial period such User shall only have the right to access the Standard period. The Trial period cannot be extended or used more than once by the same User.

2. The prices for the Operator’s Services are as follows:

Trial period0.99 Euros7 calendar days
Standard period19.99 Euros15 calendar days

3. Payment for Services under this Agreement shall be made on the basis of 100% prepayment and in the manner prescribed by the Agreement and this Tariffs Policy.

4. The User is solely responsible for the accuracy of payments. If the payment is not successfully settled, due to expiration, insufficient funds, or otherwise, and the User does not terminate the Agreement, the Operator shall have the right to block the User’s account until the full payment is performed.

5. The User’s obligation of payment for the Operator’s Services is considered completed only after the receipt of funds in full by the Operator.

6. The Operator reserves the right to change prices (cost) of Services at his discretion.

7. The prices are indicated for standard services. In case of provision of additional Services, the value will be increased accordingly.

8. All prices for the Operators Services shall be set in EUROS.

9. The Operator’s Services are not refundable and do not include the rates of the bank or/and merchant provider.

10. All prices for the Operator’s Services shall include VAT (21%).